Am I Covered?

Is Chiropractic covered by Insurance?

Bryan Chiropractic office in Mishawaka IndianaBryan Chiropractic Center is a leader in the Michiana area when it comes to participation in Insurance Programs. We are a provider in most of the Major Insurance Plans in the area. A few of these plans are: Am General, Notre Dame, South Bend Schools, PHM Schools, Mishawaka, Schools, Honeywell, Community Health Alliance (CHA), Anthem, Aetna, Medicare, PHCS and many more. We also work with HSA & MSA accounts.

Auto Accident Policies cover your care in our office, if you were injured in an auto accident. Chiropractic is often the best choice of care for soft tissue type injuries. If  you have a question on coverage please call. 

No Insurance?

If you are not covered by a health plan, we are a national provider with Preferred Chiropractic Doctor (a national provider network with over 8,000 doctors nationally participating). This plan allows your treatment at a contracted fee that once you are a member is very affordable. Membership is $37 per year for you and your family. Go to for more information and to become a member.